Spirit: the animating or vital principle which gives life to physical organisms; sacred essence of who we are beyond thought and ego.  Wonk: a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner;  One who is excited to discuss details of a given topic, which others may find arcane, or otherwise uninteresting.
“The last thing we need is another blogger.  I mean, opinions are like ass holes Errbody got one!”  These words still echo in my head as I debate whether or not to start a blog.  Yet, nevertheless I’m like, whatever.  I have asked myself the most obvious question a number of times already.  You know, the ” what makes you think that anyone would be interested in what you have to say?” question.   The answer, ironically, is found shackled to a  weak and fading ego.  I have come to realize that the more Trumpish (see: irrelevant, insignificant, & easily identifiable as low-level) ego becomes, the more spirit seeks expression.  The less involved ego is in my daily life, interactions, and connectedness with others in my community, the more spirit rises up and reaches out.  That seems kind of cool, so I’m gonna go with it.   So, this is my attempt to offer myself up more.  Connect more.  Share more.  An occasional blog entry is meant to serve as an adjunct to the yoga and/or meditation classes that I teach.  If nothing else, it’s another form of self-expression directed at anyone that might be interested.

I recognize and I have found some amusement from my own point of view.  I tend to see the world through an urban lens.  Sometimes cynical, or even rough around the edges, I pretty much just call it how I see it. I appreciate the duality found in every facet of our existence. I often times feel like one living, breathing contradiction.  I mean really, can you truly be a fan of Biggie and Seinfeld?  Can you be into Buddhism and Movado?  Can you find the same level of positivity reminiscing over both government cheese and a freshly cracked wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano (the undisputed king of cheeses).  Well yes, ALL things are possible my friend.    When we notice life contradictions all around us, what we are sensing, in one way or another, is the separation between the Self and the ego.  Marinate on that for a bit.  We shall revisit.

In the meanwhile, as we all give in to the pressure to evaluate and re-evaluate the so-called successes and failures for this year, be easy on yourself.  The very act of looking back over the year, while simultaneously looking ahead to the coming year with resolutions that you know you won’t keep, is an act of diminishing what IS right now.  I have suggested to a friend that the moment you intend something, you become that.  True intention comes from the heart and not the ego.  Anything else is just a desire.  Know the difference.  If you intend to treat your body better, acknowledge that it can only happen in the NOW.  If you intend to be a better parent, co-worker, or even a better person in general, realize that the manifestation of that intention only happens in the NOW. Want to be a dedicated yogi?  Then, you are that right now.  May you have the courage to act according to your heart’s intentions.  I wish you many blessings and a Happy New Now.

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