When it comes to love, here’s an idea.  Don’t speak of it, unless of course your name is  Rumi. 

Rumi was the shit.  Rumi would have thugs and thrashers layin’ in the cut, ruminating (pun intended).   Ruminating not only, over their own ability to feel deeply, but also how in the world they could express it and still be cool.       

When it comes to love, don’t think of it, unless of course, your name is Jung.   

Jung spoke little about love specifically, but what he said exemplifies his understanding that it can make one, for lack of a better term: crazy-making.  It can make you crazy if you try to use your head to make sense of it.  That’s because love doesn’t originate in the head, and thus, the expression of it must not originate there either.  Give it a try, and hit me up after your epic FAIL. 

When it comes to love, don’t wish for it, unless of course, you have a genie in a bottle.  And since you don’t… 

Realize that the truest knowledge, the real wisdom that we embody comes through our experiences.  What does your inner wisdom say about love?  I’m not talking about that ego love… that wanting, pleasing, romantic, passionate, but relatively short-lived bullshit. 

What you know ’bout some unconditional love?    

Put simply, love is a state of being,  a state of heightened awareness.  Sometimes it takes profound beauty (art, music, nature, etc.) for us to ascend to this higher vibration.  Sometimes we realize it through the birth of children or the love of pets.  Regardless of the impetus, love is to be experienced, and shared through experience.   

So here’s me, putting my peace sign fingers together, reaching out, and pressing gently against your lips, uttering the words:  “Don’t speak, don’t speak”.

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