How do you know when your spirit is speaking to you?

Better yet, how do you know what it’s saying, and how do you know the difference between the rising up of inner wisdom and constant prodding of repetitive, sometimes harmful thought?

I believe that spirit speaks to us continually. It certainly isn’t as loud, repetitive, or needy as the ego, but it is there. I would also argue that the problem we have receiving messages from spirit is largely circumstantial and habitual. We as a collective are not longer used to tuning in.  

In this age of constant stimulation and instant access; this age of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the like, we’ve become accustomed to seeking wisdom from outside of ourselves.  Even if it’s not true wisdom that we seek on our smart phones, that habit that we create of turning away from sentiment in lieu of stimulation becomes stronger everyday. 

We’ve gradually gotten into the habit of ignoring soul communication, favoring instead, everything that everyone else has to offer. We’ll ask our college roommate, newspaper columnists, bartenders, or even perfect strangers like Rikki Lake  for advice about what we should be doing with ourselves.  Interestingly, asking ourselves what we should be doing seems unnatural.

To fit in during this era of all-you-can-stand stimulation,  it is normal to feel as though we must have things constantly bombarding us and demanding our attention.  We’ve been taught to focus on doing, performing, achieving, and living up to.  This isn’t the worst thing in the world, but unfortunately, the result is an apparent disconnect from most things that aren’t loud, shiny, funny, or demanding.   

I’ve heard it said that the body speaks to us through pain.  When something is wrong, moderate or severe, the body will demand your attention accordingly. Similarly, I say that spirit speaks to us through feeling.  But spirit speaks so softly that we must simmer down to hear it.  We must make an actual attempt to listen. 

I’m a big fan of using yoga and meditation as ways to find stillness and tune in, but there are so many other ways to reach a similar state of being.  Whether it’s biking, writing, painting, or baking, when we do the things that are in line with spirit , the resulting feeling of happiness, moderate or intense, tells us something.  There’s a reason why time flies…  It’s because the mind-made self is lost, while spirit is gratified.  There is a calling from the heart to do that again, and again, and again…   This is the essence of being passionate about something. 

Notice the first part of being passionate is being.   So then, the message from the spirit, which we have so much difficulty paying attention to these days is quite simple.  That message is: your purpose in life is to be happy, passionate and grounded in being.  We can choose to keep it simple or complicate it with thought.  Perhaps you should take a moment and ask your Self which is the better idea. 

Make sure to tune in for the response.