Hi Friends,

I would like to take a moment to talk about the direction of energy with regard to spiritwonk.com, and to ask for a little help as I look to make some changes.  My hope is that these couple of changes will enhance our ability to stay connected, offering myself up in service. 

1.  Schedule:  I will be posting a schedule of: when & where I guide yoga & meditation classes; when I’m available for privates; and any upcoming special events making it easier to keep up with what’s up.   

2.  Q&A:  I receive questions many times before or after class and think it would be great to create a bit of an online forum.  If you have questions that you’d like to submit (either now or in the future), feel free to reach out via spiritwonk.com , (for now) select Contact or Twitter: @spiritwonk.  

3.  Testimonials:  Here, I’m hoping that some people may be interested in writing a few words, not necessarily about me, but about the practices of yoga and meditation.  So, if you have an experience that you’re itching to share, please reach out.  You can contact me via spiritwonk.com, select Contact.    

4.  Any other thoughts about what you’d like to see here are welcome.   

Thanks ahead of time for any and all input. 

Yours, in service.