This year, I’m not feeling much of anything special about Thanksgiving, and that’s a good thing! To clarify,  by special, I mean significantly different than the norm.   I’m one of those people who create the awkward pause when I suggest to well-wishers that there are 364 other days and infinite moments available to tap into the spirit of giving thanks.   Sort of like Earth Day, “Every day is Thanksgiving”!  I only do this with those whom I suspect are speaking from headspace.  It’s food for thought really. 

Here are 5 things to consider this Thanksgiving which are, again, only food for thought.  Consider asking yourself:

1) Am I operating primarily out of a sense of obligation?

2) Am I all about parades, food and football?

3) Is the gratitude I feel simply related to having the day off?

4) What am I really thankful for?  And does it revolve around people and experiences or things?

5) What is it, if anything, that I want to share of myself with others on this day?

Guilt, mindlessness, materialism, and selfishness as energy types cannot stand up to true gratitude for wisdom, loving connections, and the realization of everyday abundance.

Gratitude is an energy.  It is an energy that is manifested only when we realize and accept the connection between impermanence and abundance.  On a bigger scale, accept your life as one that is full of abundance and then appreciate that this life is going to come to an end.  On a smaller scale, at the moment you sit to feast, can you tune into abundance, not just for food, but for breath, awareness, lessons, and love, knowing that in the next moment you could choke on an artichoke and die?

I know I know…

Who eats artichokes on Thanksgiving, right?

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