Happy New Year! As we welcome in 2014 by sending out well wishes and making resolutions, let’s consider for a moment our ability to manifest a truly awesome year. The real goodness of manifestation comes from the heart, working in tandem with the head to create whatever it is that you seek. So, what is the state of your heart? Is it large and in charge? Warm? Cold? Overflowing? Running on E? This is the starting place. I have said it so many times: the heart always wants to exalt. To do so, there must first be an offering. That first offering must be inward, and it must come by way of compassion for oneself. Self love first. Self love beyond the superficial. Beyond thoughts of who you are. Connect with that sensation that arises when you let go of being defined by form, or label. Ideally, this offering comes in a way that doesn’t catastrophically threaten the very existence of ego. Typically there is some formal recognition by the head that the heart now runs the show. This is where intention comes into play. Old ideas about about resolutions, goals, and achievements may start to soften. New perspectives about the importance of being present for experiences may begin to take hold. For 2014, perhaps you consider intentions to expand your self-awareness worthwhile, as they lead to clarity. Consider living in accordance with, or even finding your passion a righteous resolution, because it will lead to happiness. Maybe try to make a habit of seeing the abundance all around you and becoming more generous, as it will lead to monetary success. Or even consider making no resolutions whatsoever, planning only to listen inwardly and do as you are promoted. This will lead you to truth. My simple advice to you is to forget about what you “should” do in 2014, and do what you’re supposed to.

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