Emotion, it’s the stuff that guides us, the tie that binds us.  During a recent discussion group, I spoke boldly about my perspective, which holds that there is no such thing as negative emotion.  Reactions were visibly mixed.  Challenges and clarifications were made, and in the end, I was left with a sense of gratification. 

I was gratified by the almost palpable energy of keenly directed introspection in the room.  My hope for everyone in attendance was that they would freely allow their own perspective to emerge.  From there, the task is to use the heart and the mind to examine and decide how we choose to see the world around us.

When you think about it, all changes to our mental state and physiology arise from one of two things: love or fear.  This isn’t a new idea.  I suggested that there is no such thing as negative emotion, which is really just me redefining the word to capture my perspective more fully.  We feel love and its derivatives.  We experience peace when there is no story.  We experience empathy when the heart recognizes connection and suffering in another and wants to nurture.  We experience joy, gratitude, and so many other emotions in the absence of thought, and in the presence of awareness.

  These experiences are pointers, guides that remind us that we are connected innately to love as the guiding universal energy.   There’s the sense that things arise spontaneously, but isn’t it more like us having moments were we just tune in?  Isn’t it more likely that if anything arises spontaneously, it is our ability to tune in?

Conversely, we feel a physiological response to thoughts originating in fear.  We feel jealousy when the ego is threatened.  We feel sadness, frustration, or anger (and the list goes on) when the mind thinks that something should be different than the way it actually is.  In this way, so-called negative emotions, are more a non-acceptance of circumstance.  They are a reaction to an ego thought that says “I have been wronged”.  We can tune in to that too.  In this very moment, it’s the ego that doesn’t want to be “called out”, and prompts us to dismiss the notion that it often misguides.

These experiences too are pointers.  They remind us that we are bound to our own ego, and provide a way to gauge the extent or severity of that bond.  We may come into a realization that the way we have seen the world is not much more than a delusion, and at the same time, realize that the world consists of WAY more than that delusion.

Take a moment, without thoughts of right or wrong, and simply come into a greater awareness of what you already know.