What can I do to maintain?

Feel the inward ripple of energy and insight within as you ask yourself the question.  Then notice what rises.  For many of us, there is an opportunity to sense the underlying feelings of helplessness or somehow being out of control.

If you’ve ever reluctantly ridden a roller coaster, you may recall with great clarity that feeling which arose the moment you were strapped in, knowing that on one hand, there was no turning back, while on the other hand, there was a hopeful recognition that it would be over soon enough if you could just hang on, if you could just maintain.

Perhaps, asking yourself the question brings about more questioning.  “Maintain what? My health, my sanity?”  Maybe a measure of defensiveness gets awakened.  “Don’t I  look like I have it together?”, or even flat out denial. 

Regardless of the content, or lack thereof, we have just taken part of an essential activity that will pave the way for us to make our households, communities, workplaces and thereby the world a better place.

If we are to embrace our connection with nature, while staying dedicated to yoga and meditation, this time of year may  bring about a shift in the way we practice.   As we move from fall into winter, see what you can do to transition with grace and bring your practices along.  For many, this is a time when good habits, mindful intentions, and better judgments go by the wayside, no matter the cause.

This is a time of year when we may investigate Jnana Yoga.  Jnana, the yoga of knowledge, invites us to explore a world of expanded inward awareness.

Insight meditation, simply daily introspection, or even approaching your asana practice from a different angle are all ways in which we seek wisdom.  Not seeking shiny things, nor achievements;. nor gratification,  but Wisdom.

Let this be an invitation.  I invite you to dabble in Vipassana Meditation, on your own, or for local enthusiasts, Sunday mornings with me at Perennial Yoga & Meditation.  I invite you to go inward, even more than your norm.  Be willing to question, challenge, and discern.

Be willing to question your perceptions about that which matters from that which does not.  Be willing to challenge beliefs that you’ve held as truth (big or small), when they may be little more than opinion guised as “true for me”.    I invite you to seek greater discernment regarding what is real and what is not, all the while keeping in mind the why. 

Why spend time and effort on introspection?  So that we become better and better able to see judgments, reactions and opinions for what they are.  Of equal importance, we begin to see these things as separate and not definitive of who we are.  When we notice small thinking with less and less reaction, we give rise to the sense of peace that is our natural state.  When we feel peaceful within, we more readily share that with those around us.

It’s not rocket science, it’s way more difficult.