Think you have a soul mate?

I’ve got plenty.  I would argue that you do too, and if we’re lucky- one for every one of our flaws, hangups and samskaras.  Dismiss any sense of romanticism about the words soul mate.  No story-making here, soul mates can be people, friend or foe.  They can be predicaments, good and bad.  They can be practices like yoga and meditation.

With soul mates in such abundance, let’s realize that like all other things around us, their presence is impermanent.  Invariably they come bearing gifts.  These gifts are not necessarily what we expect, or even think we want.  They don’t come in a cute box with a bow or ribbon.  The gift is always the same.  A mirror.

The gift of soul mates is that they point us towards, and sometimes move us towards our destination, a higher realization of the Self.  They introduce us to something new, and sometimes (re)introduce us to something very old.  In one way or another, push or pull, nudge or bludgeon, soul mates extend an invitation for us to eventually move towards our heart center.

See, soul mates, in whatever form, provide us with an opportunity to see ourselves, but with a depth no mirror can capture.  They prompt us to question, and perhaps grapple with our afflicted minds.  They remind us of our light and at times push us into our dark side.  Soul mates put us directly in touch with the things that matter most, but aren’t often spoken of in that regard.  Things like: kindness, purpose, humility, compassion, and love.  This is a gift.  On the flip side, soul mates introduce us to our egos.  They point out our habits and maladaptive coping mechanisms.  They make us feel crazy at times, and often prompt us to act crazily.   This too is a gift.

We are all on a journey.  We take an infinite number or routes to arrive at the same place.   Let us journey with a constant effort towards gratitude and grace.   The receiving of these gifts, the seeing of ourselves, has everything to do with our ability to do so.

We attempt Grace when we open up to the flow of life in this moment, willing to forgive ourselves and others, and try to see beyond conjured up stories.  Willing to bring full acceptance to what IS right now, we have the capacity to allow the Divine within to be drawn out from our center. In this way, we experience expanded self-awareness.

We simply take a look in the mirror.

Grateful for any inkling of clarity, we not only recognize the mind games and tricks that leave us feeling shitty, but we also come to realize that there’s much benefit to our connection with the people around us, the circumstances that perplex, and the life dilemmas may frustrate.  We come to realize that the struggle is universal .  The desire for a life of contentment is universal.

Recognize that you are already a gift– a mirror for a multitude of others.

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