This has been an amazing year!

As I reflect on 2015, my first impulse is to take a moment to offer an expression of sincerest appreciation for all of you who have supported, participated, visited and/or subscribed to my yoga, meditation, or Reiki services.  I recognize so much in the way of growth and healing, not just for myself, but for so many around me every day.  We are absolutely in this together.  I feel humble and honored.

My second thought is to remind the loyal and suggest to the unfamiliar exactly what we are doing here.  This is healing.  This is medicine.  This is the quest for Self-realization.

I encourage you to come along for the journey, but you should know a couple of things.  This work is not easy. I will make you feel something, perhaps venturing into discomfort routinely.  I will ask you to practice with sincerity, to be introspective, and to remain willing and open to giving and receiving.  I will ask you to cut the shit, be real with yourself, and to be on purpose.  I will ask that you seek balance and make mindful choices about every aspect your practices.

In 2016, I will continue to make offerings with love and devotion, with pleasure and excitement.  I hope it serves you.

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy 2016.