There is a universe within.  Be willing to gaze at the stars.

There is a space between anguish and excitement.  This space is both lit by the fiery drive of the heart and darkened by the overcast shadow of my dragon.  I exist in this space.  With heart open and pupils wide, I marvel.  From here, I see so many stars.

Stars are like mirrors and spotlights, and there are so many.  They reflect and reveal.  It is as though the stars, in their own sense of Divine organization, take turns showing me the things I need, but may not want to see.  With patience, they offer.  Like tough love from a dear friend, they reveal Truth and call me out.

Stars are like memories and projections, and there are so many.  They reflect and reveal countless past experiences and a vision of the experiences of others, to which I can’t help but compare.  Serving to create a feeling, a sense that I’m not really ok.


I exist in this space.

Stars are like jewels, and there are so many.  Attracted to the twinkle and the mystery, there is an unyielding draw of my attention.  It is as though, the stars are eager to offer Truth.  They glimmer a light of hope to the very idea that true peace and happiness are attainable for everyone, even for me.  They invite me home and remind me that I really am ok.


I exist in this space.

For now.