"... caring compassionate guidance that seeks to strengthen the connection between mind, body, and spirit."  This is part of what you'll read when you check out my yoga studio bio, but this is my dharma, inside, as well as outside of the yoga studio.

In addition to teaching yoga, I'm a Reiki Master,  long-time seeker and meditation enthusiast.  My goal is to bring contemporary expressions of these very old practices, along with insightful teachings to promote inner peace through presence; strength via vulnerability; and a realization of Oneness through the universality of all of our issues.

What's in the name?  A bit of humor and humility as I playfully own up to being a bit of a spirit wonk.

Spirit: the animating or vital principle which gives life to physical organisms; sacred essence of who we are beyond thought and ego.  Wonk: a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner;  One who is excited to discuss details of a given topic, which others may find arcane, or otherwise uninteresting.

Blog posts will fall into three categories: Yoga, Meditation, & General Expressions.  I hope it serves you.