The Inward Journey

Inward Journey 

The answer is already within you.

These are the words spoken by many teachers.  Over the years, I’ve heard these words and with little direction allowed them to become lost on me.  Somewhere along the way, I found them again in a pile of cliches and other things teachers say.  

Sometimes the prompting to go within isn’t enough.  So I created an offering that supports the promptings.

If you have an interest in deepening your meditation practice and/or an interest in experiencing the energy healing I offer, then this invitation is for you. I am committed to holding space that is supportive, nurturing and spiritually healing. Sessions are either one-on-one or small group and are comprised of breath work exercises, meditation and Reiki. 

This is an opportunity for personal growth and healing. We seek expansion of conscious awareness and invite connection with the Beyond. This offering best serves those with an established meditation practice, or a strong desire to explore.  

Contact me directly if you’d like to schedule a session for yourself or your group.