“Have a seat.”  Such a simple invitation.  “Who are you?”  Such a beautifully complex question.

I had a plan for my life and as I write this I realize not a single part of my life looks remotely like that plan.  Two years ago, I would have defined myself  as a business professional, wife, mom and marathon runner.  Shortly thereafter, I experienced a major injury, career shakeup and divorce.  When everything felt turned upside down, I knew I needed to surrender to something, to stop living my life on the surface.  Enter Sean.

Sean has never told me what I should do.  He has never given me a single answer.  Instead, he’s given me something better- a sounding board, loving support, and some gentle nudges to trust myself, search within for my own answers, and embrace whatever I find without judgement.  He continues to point me towards clarity and he does so in a way that is profound yet uncomplicated.

The best part is, at the time I first met Sean I didn’t realize I was seeking him.  I feel like the Universe brought him into my life.  After attending months of yoga classes, where at the end he routinely offers an open invite to “reach out”, I finally got the courage to do so and I am forever grateful.  As a spiritual guide and energy worker, Sean has supported my journey to realizing a depth of existence that I was previously unaware of.  So if you sense that it is time for you to “reach out”, I suggest you trust yourself and go “have a seat”.  –Angie F.


I would best describe my work with Sean as him taking my hand and gently guiding me back to myself. I’d been feeling stuck and without direction for a while and contacted Sean on a whim, having taken his yoga classes sporadically over the years (the New Years Eve midnight class with Ida Jo was my favorite!). I asked – what is reiki all about? And will it benefit me? His non-judgmental approach, gentle guidance by way of questioning the things I think I “know”, and energy healing has created a shift in my perspective and helped me to identify and let go of things I didn’t know I was carrying. I feel really fortunate to be able to work with Sean. It has greatly improved my overall sense of well being. Thank you Sean!  –Stacy I


My journey started 18 months ago. At that time, I had no idea how much my spirit needed to open up and heal. I had two options, I could sit on my miseries and cry or I could sit on my mat and try. Since then, each class with Sean has been a practice of accepting and embracing my body, poetry to my soul, a caress to my spirit, and an awakening to mindfulness. Sean’s classes are simple yet profound, connecting the practice to life off the mat. From the simplicity of the practice he speaks directly to your soul. Every class is a new experience, a new opportunity to awaken.  Sean is an inspiration in my life. He is generous, compassionate, and truly cares for his students. I am so grateful for awakening in me the interest for living mindfully and connected, and for bringing joy to my life.  There are experiences in life that touch you so profoundly that you know there’s no way back to your previous self.  They are so powerful that they change you forever.  This is how I now feel about my yoga practice.  – Imma M


The moment I stepped into Sean Ward’s yoga class I knew I had found a yoga home for myself. Having been a yoga practioner for over ten years in various studios and different teachers, there is something special about Sean’s teaching style. His grounded and open-hearted male presence, his sincere care for his students, and his knowledge about yoga all make for a transformative yoga experience. He gives you permission to just show up, be where you at, and make whatever modifications suite you. His teaching style really fosters students getting into the present moment and connecting with what is occurring without judgment. In the process tremendous healing can happen and you begin to love and connect with your body and yourself in a whole new way. His classes are a bright spot where you will begin to come home to yourself. If you haven’t tried one of Sean’s classes, get yourself there. You won’t be disappointed. – Sarah M.


Experiencing a yoga class led by Sean is about so much more than doing postures. He guides us through moving meditations that encourage us to match breathe with movement, and practice with courage, compassion and exploration. Courage to reach further and do more to grow your yoga practice and compassion to know when to pull back and just breathe feeling secure knowing that whatever happens in that moment will be okay. Sean complements his classes with periods of quite meditation allowing you to experience silence and to let go of the all the thoughts racing inside your head. If you haven’t practiced yoga with Sean, I encourage you to so. You’ll leave feeling energized and yet relaxed and centered.  Karen T.


There’s a reason he’s packing them in, and that’s because it’s more than a yoga class…it’s an experience!  I can’t begin to describe the immense and peaceful bliss I feel while taking Sean’s class. I’ve tried numerous things in my life to turn down that inner dialogue, but have found it virtually impossible. The way the Sean incorporates breath, movement, and peaceful, encouraging, gentle instruction, I am able to turn down (and on a few occasions…off…yes, off!!!) that inner chatter, be fully present and flow. The healing vibration and energy exchange that occurs in his classes is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and I’m able to carry that out back into the world. Therefore, attending one of Sean’s classes is not only good for me, but for my family and community as well!  If you’re looking for a yoga class that will challenge not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well, then you’ve found your teacher, coach, inspirer, energy worker, and friend in Sean Ward!   Namaste.  Cindy F.


In a world of being too busy and too serious, Sean’s classes are a true refuge from the mundane. His classes are more of a mini retreat; a safe place where you literally heal your wounded spirit, recover from being ordinary in thought, and grow into who you know you were born to be. His voice, and mere presence for that matter, are soothing, almost hypnotic, creating a foundation for a truly amazing transformative experience. Sean’s sincerity, kindness, knowledge, and passion for what he does is evident from the instant you walk into his class. I can honestly say I feel this positive energy radiate from him, I soak it up and I take it with me into my everyday life, I have never felt so strong, energized, relaxed, or happy! I am hooked! With great admiration and appreciation,  Kellie K.


Attending your classes is a great experience for me.   The classes are challenging enough physically to make me feel like I got a good workout out of it. But my favorite thing about your classes is that you are always reminding us to breathe, which I often forget. It helps keep me focused, which is the main reason I love yoga–because it helps me focus inwardly for a while, instead of my constantly thinking about the million things I need to do that day. I leave your classes clear-headed and invigorated. My practice has also been changed because I used to feel like I had to do every pose each time, but now I know it’s ok to take a break, or do a modification, and I still receive all the benefits of the class. I also am seeking more of a personal “something”– spirituality? Enlightenment? Not sure, but I feel that your classes (meditation and yoga) are helping me by encouraging me to focus inwardly more and try to calm my mind.    Jennifer P.


Attending your meditation classes has effected my life dramatically. The process of meditation and the readings you offer have changed the lens through which I view myself and the world around me. Sunday morning meditation encourages me to access a more focused, compassionate and loving self. While I have begun to meditate daily at home now, I find that your classes facilitate a deeper or more satisfying meditation. The discussions that follow are also very beneficial. I love hearing the opinions and insights of others.     Laurie P.


“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” Alexandra K. Trenfor. This epitomizes my experience with Sean Ward, my teacher. A class with Sean includes challenge, suggestion, acceptance and support. I am so grateful for the opportunity to expand my yoga practice and thus my spiritual life these past years with Sean.     Susan L.


Attending your classes is very calming. Your guidance provides for a smooth flow through the asanas. Taking part in your classes & the Costa Rica retreat has opened my eyes. It’s OK to question. Experience and enjoy your feelings (good or bad). I would highly recommend classes and retreats offered by Sean. He provides a gentle & understanding environment in which to practice.  Kris K.


Sean speaks to my spirit. I relate directly to what he says in class. His words, over the past few years have helped me find my spirit, a part of me I am discovering for the first time. Sean has also helped me meet my ego. Over the past 2 years of practicing with Sean, I have learned to let go of performance and expectation. I truly get excited about going to class when Sean is teaching. I know that by the end of the class, Sean will help me rinse out what is not needed and be able to walk into my day with a clean slate.    Meg C.