Shapeshifting Perspectives: A Step Towards Everyday Thriving

March 24-27, 2019


If you could create even the smallest shift in the way you regard yourself and the world around you, the results could be immense.

Join yoga teacher and self-care advocate Sean Ward on yoga retreat!  For three days we will open ourselves up and take an honest look at how we are getting in our own way. We will enjoy the beautiful setting and accommodations that Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard has to offer as a support for the work of shifting our perspectives on how we see ourselves, and thus, how we see the world around us.  

Through a combination of yoga, meditation and other practices, we will connect with our hearts. Breathing deeply in this historically and energetically rich space, we will tap into a place of inward peace and ask the question: How do we want to BE? The answers that come from this questioning will help set a perspective, as well as, acting as “bumper rails” as we create an integration process that we can abide by.


Included in your investment:

daily presentation/discussion

daily Reiki infused yoga practices

meditation and/or journeying sessions

3 meals per day (vegetarian, chicken + fish) and your choice of room.

time and space to hike surrounding acres and explore local activities. 

complimentary group wine tasting at Kaya Vineyard

For general info and FAQ:

To reserve your spot, contact Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard at: or call (706) 865-7678

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Sean Ward is a yoga teacher, a long-time seeker and meditation enthusiast. He brings contemporary expressions and insightful teachings to promote inner peace through presence; strength via vulnerability; and a realization personal power through self-love and applied mindfulness. Committed to service and supporting the spiritual growth of anyone who is interested, the potential impact of Sean’s influence cannot be overstated.